The Everwarm Bed

The Everwarm Bed

“There are really serious problems in Africa but for now all I want is a good sleep.”

Istanbul is the source of hope for African immigrants, due to its strategic location between Asia and Europe. The Everwarm Bed tells the stories of those immigrant workers who provide money for their families and try to turn back home. While they ought to take turns sleeping on the one and only single bed they have in their rental apartments, we will witness the daily lives, struggles and dreams of Abubakar, Sheku, Zidane and many more…

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  • Director

    Doğuş Algün

  • Producer

    Orhan Koçak, Uğur Deniz Terzioğlu, Hasan Köroğlu, Candaş Altınörs

  • Supervisor

    Burak Kaplan

  • Director of Photography

    Hüseyin Çamtepe

  • Art Director

    Ahmet Bulut

  • Editing

    Doğuş Algün

  • Sound

    İsmail Hakkı Hafız