The Embroidered Dress

The Embroidered Dress

“Ma’am please… I do this in secrecy… My husband doesn’t even allow me to work.”

Orhan, who works in a small embroidery workshop in one of the low-income districts of Istanbul, finds himself in a conflictive situation at work which eventually forces him to confront himself. Gülnur is a young modest mother of two who is going through financial difficulties, secretly gets herself a job at the embroidery shop against her husband’s wishes, where she will be unfairly blamed for stealing. Despite several desperate attempts, Orhan cannot manage to correct the workshop’s fault against Gülnur, so seeks an alternative way to unburden his feelings of guilt.

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  • Çiğdem Aksüt

  • İlhan Algün

  • Hülya Akkuş Algün



  • Director

    Doğuş Algün

  • Producer

    Doğuş Algün

  • Screenplay

    Doğuş Algün

  • Supervisor

    Selen Örcan

  • Director of Photography

    Mert Altut

  • Art Director

    Cihan Baltepe

  • Costume Design

    Hülya Akkuş

  • Editing

    Doğuş Algün

  • Sound

    Armağan Koçak

  • Post Production

    Doğuş Algün